About Us

We manufacture a range of top quality Blanks for Pyrography-woodburning and other crafts.

All of our wooden Blanks are made of the best quality materials we can purcahse including The finest Eglish Sycamore, English Beech and Birch Plywood. All of our hard wood, the Sycamore and Beech is Kiln dried for stability and along with our Birch plywood all are obtained from managed forests with a full chain of custody meaning that they are renewable and sustainable resources.

Our Sycamore and beech are machined in our workshops and finely sanded for a beautiful finish, they are then cut, shaped, routed and sanded on all the edges.

We pride ourselves on absolute quality, customer service and value for money. We accept returns but we honestly never get them. We also have never had any of our products received by a customer damaged, a testament to the quality of our packaging!

25 years making Pyrography Blanks just for you, Quality without compromise!